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Lewisham Branch Information

Schools supplied by Lewisham

For General Inquiries
Phone:020 8852 8967
Email: sales.lewisham@whitehallclothiers.co.uk

For Online orders and Click & Collect Inquiries!!<</strong><br>
Phone:020 8852 8967 <BR>
Email: <A href="mailto:online.orders@whitehallclothiers.co.uk">online.orders@whitehallclothiers.co.uk</A><br>
Whitehall Clothiers are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction.<BR>
If you have any suggestions or comments please email us at <A href="mailto:sales.lewisham@whitehallclothiers.co.uk">sales.lewisham@whitehallclothiers.co.uk</A><br><br>
You can also write to us at:<br>
Whitehall Clothiers<BR>
244a Lewisham High Street <BR>
London <BR>
SE13 6JU <BR>
United Kingdom<BR>